RRR 78RPM Show – March 19, 2017

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Welcome to Rapidly Rotating Records, bringing you vintage music to which you can't *not* tap your toes, from rapidly rotating 78 RPM records of the 1920s and'30s.

Rapidly Rotating Records Show – February 19, 2017

Welcome to Rapidly Rotating Records, bringing you vintage music to which you can't *not* tap your toes, from rapidly rotating 78RPM records of the 1920s and'30s. 

On this week's edition of Rapidly Rotating Records we’re just gonna do some sittin’ around, we’ll go back to work, visit the old neighborhood, stop and smell some flowers, and get spoiled.  And a fair number of this week's records are being heard on the show for the first time.  

RRR is also available as a podcast on iTunes. Simply enter Rapidly Rotating Records in the iTunes search box and a link to the show will appear. Our iTunes ID has changed, and is now https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/rapidly-rotating-records/id1166703514. Unfortunately, with the change, we lost all of the comments and ratings for the podcast. If you use iTunes, please subscribe to the podcast and leave a rating and comment. THANK YOU! 

The Rapidly Rotating Records telephone request line is waiting for your call! In addition to sending cards or letters, sending email, or posting to the the show's website or facebook page, you can now call in to request a particular artist, song or topic segment, leave feedback about the show, or ask questions or comment about the music. Of course, I'd be happy if you just call in to say "Hi!" and let me know you're out there listening. Listen to the show for the easy-to-remember number.

We're also proud and happy to now be rebroadcast over Global Community Radio! We're on GCR's music channel GRC-2 and can be heard on the University of Wisconsin's station WRST-FM 90.3 in Oshkosh at www.wrst.org Saturday mornings at 8 AM (Eastern).  Wwe're also now heard on WXDR, 98.9, in New Orleans, Louisiana. WXDR, known on the air as Dolphin Radio, is the student station at Delgado Community College at 7:00 AM (Central). You can find out more about Global Community Radio at globalcommunityradio.blogspot.com.

As always, just click on the link below to instantly listen streaming online and/or download the show. A number of records are making their RRR debut and your comments, topic suggestions and requests are always welcome. Let us know what your favorite record is by posting a comment to the website or to our Facebook page.

Enjoy the show!

Here's the complete playlist:

Segment 1: Sobbing

Sob Sister Sadie – Dave Harman AHO / Dave Harman, v.
Sobbin' Blues – Broadway Broadcasters (Sam Lanin)
Sobbing Record – Anonymous

Segment 2: Back to the Future

My Future Just Passed – Layton & Johnstone
You're My Past, Present and Future – Ben Selvin AHO (Emil Coleman Orchestra) / Jerry Cooper, v.
My Future Star – Freddy Martin AHO / Terry Shand, v.

Segment 3: Neighbors

Neighbors – Earl Burtnett AHO / Stanley Hickman & The Biltmore Trio, v.
Love Thy Neighbor – Raymond Paige AHO / The Three Rhythm Kings, v.
You'll Be My Closest Neighbor – Whitey & Hogan, v.

Segment 4: Carryin On

Carry It On Down – Arcadian Sernaders
Ain't We Carryin' On – The Frolickers
Ain't We Carryin On – Jan Garber AHO / Harry Goldfield & Band, v.
Don't We Carry On – Harry Blake and Robert Judson (Billy Jones and Ernest Hare)

Segment 5: Ramblers

Low Down Brown – Randolph McCurtain's College Ramblers
Tuxedo Stomp – State Street Ramblers / Buddy Burton, v.
Home Brew Rag – Cherokee Ramblers (With Bill Gatins & His Jug)


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