RRR 78RPM Show – May 28, 2017

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Welcome to Rapidly Rotating Records, bringing you vintage music to which you can't *not* tap your toes, from rapidly rotating 78 RPM records of the 1920s and'30s.

Rapidly Rotating Records Show – May 28, 2017

Welcome to Rapidly Rotating Records, bringing you vintage music to which you can't *not* tap your toes, from rapidly rotating 78RPM records of the 1920s and'30s. 

On this week's edition of Rapidly Rotating Records, we're going make a correction,  uncover some secrets, have a vocabulary lesson, visit some swamps (NOT Washington, D.C.!) and consider some things that are too long. Several records on this week's show are making their RRR debut, so let us know which is your favorite.

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As always, just click on the link below to instantly listen streaming online and/or download the show. A number of records are making their RRR debut and your comments, topic suggestions and requests are always welcome. Let us know what your favorite record is by posting a comment to the website or to our Facebook page.

Enjoy the show!

Here's the complete playlist:

Segment 1: Wrong!

Somebody's Wrong – Isham Jones AHO
Was It Wrong – Anson Weeks AHO / Don Raymond, v.
Right Or Wrong – Gene Rodemich's Orchestra

Segment 2: Secrets

It's Not A Secret Anymore – Imperial Dance Orchestra (Adrian Schubert's Dance Orchestra) / Irving Kaufman, v.
I'll Follow My Secret Heart – Ray Noble and the New Mayfair Dance Orchestra
She's My Secret Passion – McKinney's Cotton Pickers / Donald King, v.

Segment 3: Uliginous

I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers – Gene Kardos AHO / Chick Bullock, v.
Slippin' Around – Red & Miff's Stompers
Slippery Elm – Art Landry AHO
Slippery Hank – Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band

Segment 4: Swamps

Swamp Blues – Little Ramblers
Wipin' The Pan – Honey Swamp Stompers / Arthur Fields, v.
Chloe – The Singing Sophomores (The Revelers)

Segment 5: Too Long

Lord, You Made The Night Too Long – Louis Armstrong AHO / Louis Armstrong, v.
Too Long – Papa Charlie's Boys
Don't Wait Too Long – The Revelers


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